Kan jeg bade her?

Millioner af feriegæster springer hvert år i bølge blå på sommerferien uden at vide hvordan badevandkvaliteten er på feriestedet.

Pop-up windows can be opened with a click on individual bathing water monitoring site.

Bathing water quality can be filtered to selected quality class using the “Query” widget which can be activated by clicking the query icon in the upper left corner of the map.

“NearMe” widget (upper left corner of the map), allows user to find bathing waters in the specified vicinity of a given location.

For the scale 1:5.000.001 and less detailed, data are aggregated by country. In such case, stacked bars show percentage of bathing water quality for coastal and inland waters together.

Number of bathing waters within certain category is seen in pop up window which can be turned on with a click on one of the countries.

For the scale range 1:5 000.000 to 1:700,001, individual bathing water sites (points) are visible instead of classified stacked charts and are coloured according to the classification of bathing water quality.

Symbol size depends on the map scale (in more detailed map scales symbols are bigger). For the scales 1:700,000 and more detailed, symbol of bather in a square appears instead of points.

All symbols (charts, circles and squares with bather) are colored according to achieved quality status.